Elinvoimaa yrityksellesi

The Insight Generator

The INSIGHT GENERATOR activates brain to operate both inside and outside the box. We will generate movement across the borders in our thinking. This is a brain sweat workout.Treasure-Coaching-Oivallusgeneraattori-tyhy-tiimihenki-työnilo-tuuletus

What will be in the program of Insight Generator? We will make very simple and fun exercises together. You will be amazed how inspirational it can be. Significant in this activity is that we together share the experiments. This way insights can be transmitted to our daily life. During this activity we will be able to observe our own way of behaving and realise something of patterns that have not been visible before.

What is an insight? It is the moment when our brain does quiet down. This enables that there arises new connections both in the brain and between human beings.

During this program you will get new ideas and refresh your mind. Instructors activate you to make fun, refreshing and thought provoking exercises. Communal activity takes you mind away from your tasks and you will get good laugh that relaxes you mind and body. Exercises focus is in interactive work off. Idea generator can be carried out indoors or outdoors according to weather.

Program starts whit body and mind warm up

Examples of the exercises

  • 1,2,3 rythm – concentration exercise whit a new point of view
  • Your and our story – listening exercise
  • Flying Rod Mystery – teamwork makes the effect